Choices for material vary and we can help you choose the best fit for your project.
We work towards designing, planning and maintaining your project efficiently.
Our team maintains a consistent communication with our clients resulting in a smooth execution.
Every aspect of construction is performed at the highest level.

For more than 30 years, Glidewell Construction has provided carpentry and construction management on various size projects, from decks and porches to large custom homes.  When meeting to discuss your project, Rod will work to design your project or refer you to a local draftsman or architect to help with your planning. We often work from plans previously prepared. After a visit to your jobsite, we will discuss all facets of the project — from choices of materials, maintenance issues, efficiencies of heating and cooling, windows, etc.

After that, we will work to provide a very accurate and detailed estimate of projected costs. Upon starting your project, Rod will be at the site daily to ensure every aspect of construction is performed at the highest level. Rod meets with all our clients continually to maintain consistent flow of communication and ensure the smooth execution of every project.