Glidewell Construction is Columbia’s Preferred Custom Home Builder

When you drive around Columbia and see a beautiful and unique home that takes your breath away, there’s a pretty good chance it was built by Glidewell Construction. Our portfolio speaks for itself! Our core mission with every construction project we work on is to provide the highest quality construction services to our clients, build and maintain excellent professional relationships with top subcontractors and suppliers, and continue showing Columbia what it means to be a luxury home builder.

Our legacy within the construction community means that we will bring in the best qualified individual for each component of your custom home build. We want your custom home to truly be everything you’ve ever dreamed of – and more! When it comes to the seemingly endless decisions that come with a custom home, Glidewell Construction is with you every step of the way. We will advise you, when you need us, on the best quality and best value supplies and materials for your custom home.

Our Years of Experience Make Us the Leading Design-Build Firm

Since 1980, Glidewell Construction has been building custom homes in Columbia and throughout Boone County. Being a custom home builder involves skills beyond building walls and roofs. Communication skills and the ability to help the client with their visions and working within their budget are all necessary to the success of any project. It is our job to help our clients make informed decisions on dozens of construction components — from window choices to heating and cooling options.

In today’s design-build market, many clients are left wondering about the status of their project or don’t receive the personalized attention their project deserves. That’s not true for Glidewell Construction. Owner Rod Glidewell believes that a great business is built around a great reputation from taking care of your clients. That’s why he personally works with each client throughout the decision-making process for custom home building.

Why Build a Custom Home?

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Long-term Cost

There are a lot of myths about building a custom home.The first is that building a custom home is always more expensive than purchasing a home. While the upfront cost of building a custom home can be greater than what is associated with buying an already built home, many people forget to take into consideration hidden costs of home purchasing. When buying a brand new home, it will cost to upgrade certain features, repaint, add wallpaper, change the floor plan and other updates. These costs aren’t associated with the initial price. With buying a previously owned home, unexpected maintenance, repairs and replacements can really start to add up. Building a custom home means you can pick each material and option to fit your budget. Glidewell Construction is happy to work with you to find the best value for your budget.

You Get What You Want

This is the biggest benefit to building a custom home – you truly get what you want. Homes available for purchase don’t have the same options for personalization that custom homes do. In the custom home building process, you’ll get to select your preferred option for flooring, cabinets, bathrooms, appliances and more. When your home is done, it’s exactly what you’ve always wanted! Custom homes also allow you to have the most up-to-date features for your lifestyle, and can incorporate the latest innovations in energy efficiency and smart technology.

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Greater Choice in Location

Custom homes can be built on land you already own or can give you time to find an area you’d like to settle down in. Greater control over where your home is located means you’re more likely to love it. You can be as far away or as close to your neighbors as you want, and choose school districts for your children.

Glidewell Construction is Your Best Choice for a Custom Home

If you’re ready to take the next step and build your dream custom home, contact Glidewell Construction. We are Columbia’s best choice for a custom home!